>Album Review: "The King Of Limbs" by Radiohead


I like Radiohead. I wrote a thing about Radiohead once, but that was like three years ago so I would recommend you not click on that link I just took the time to link. I figure maybe I should tell you what I feel about The King Of Limbs because if I could single out one thing the internet is sorely lacking, it is opinions about Radiohead.

I haven’t listened through King Of Limbs in a couple of days but I remember it being good to the ears. Right now I am listening to Tusk by Fleetwood Mac and I kind of don’t feel like turning it off to listen to King Of Limbs again. So in summary, the new Radiohead album is pretty good, but not good enough to make you want to stop Tusk just to hear it again for review purposes.


Aha, OK! Just joshin ya. Hey! You remember how In Rainbows was kind of hushed and mellow most of the time, to the point where Sean Rose sorta didn’t care about it for a while until maybe a few months ago and now he likes it a lot for the most part? King Of Limbs is kinda like that, only with a lotta less guitars. Less melodies, too. One might be tempted to label it a throwback to their Kid A/Amnesiac creeper-mood period, but that isn’t quite the case here. King Of Limbs sounds different – the emotional stakes are lower, I guess. Yorke’s vocals blend with the music more. Kid A was all about pushing the listener into despairing, uncomfortable territory; King Of Limbs just kind of sifts through you, to the point where you will probably not remember most of it until you have forced yourself to listen to it a few times. Give it a few gos. I am not going to deny that it is an album that sounds good, though.

I’m starting to realize that I am not very good at describing music at all. Kind of a problem when music is the only thing I feel comfortable writing about, correct?? “The drums are good.” “Creepy electronics all over the place sound creepy.” “I like the guitary guitars on this guitar-driven track.” This is something I am going to work on.

You know what’s a great song? “Give Up The Ghost.” OOh, it’s like Thom Yorke and Sean Rose are sitting alone in the woods together, reminiscing about our favorite Charlie one-liners in Two And A Half Men. Hey, “Separator,” who likes that pretty blippy guitar line near the end?? That’s the aural equivalent of Thom Yorke and Sean Rose sharing a chocolate malted at Margie’s and imitating our favorite exasperated Jon Cryer facial expressions from Two And A Half Men‘s landmark third season. “Morning Mr. Magpie”? That’s like a third joke about Thom Yorke and Sean Rose talking about Two And A Half Men.

OK, I just made a mistake and started reading that old Radiohead post I linked and I need to point something out before I forget about it. Because, seriously:

“…the fact that they’re the choice ‘progressive’ band for Sublime-loving frat boys only makes matters worse.”

Where in God’s name did I get this from? What does this even mean? “Sublime-loving frat boys”?? Yikes. I must have been mad at somebody. I must have had a crush on a lady. Something was up. You have to understand – I like to make rash generalizations about things I know nothing about. So what happened here was, I probably saw an In Rainbows poster in the dorm room of some dude I wasn’t fond of, and then I sat down and wrote a blog post about it. I was 21 when I wrote that, for Christ’s sake! That’s something a 16-year-old shouldn’t write.

In conclusion, The King Of Limbs is the music album equivalent of Two And A Half Men‘s tragic cancellation. What else needs to be said?