>On the New Year, Comics, and Upcoming Requested Reviews

>Hello people! A happy new decade to you all. I have to apologize for the lack of updates in the past month or so. This laziness can be attributed to two things:

1) The holiday season. Even though I was home all month and could have easily updated. HEYY.
2) My next requested review is Limp Bizkit’s “Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water,” which is such an outstanding chore to listen to that I have to turn it off within two minutes of putting it on.

So yes, these are unfortunate reasons. But I will write that review soon! I will power through!! Maybe tomorrow, maybe tonight? No, maybe not. But definitely – DEFINITELY – sometime next week. I’ve gotta get this monkey off my back, you know?

But you might be wondering, “HEY HEY Sean, what other requested albums are you gonna be reviewing??” That’s a fair question. Here is a shortlist of the current requests I will be taking care of, in chronological order:

– Limp Bizkit’s Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water, requested by Dave Winchell
– Daft Punk’s Discovery, requested by Captain Booyah
– Emerson Lake and Palmer’s Tarkus, requested by Adam Spektor
– Faith No More’s Angel Dust, requested by James
– They Might Be Giants’ The Else, requested by Steve Winchell (he’s been throwing a lot of these at me, this is the last one, I THINK it’s serious)

So yeah. That’s the lineup so far. I would also like to put it out there and make these “requested reviews” a continuous and lasting thing, because I seriously enjoy them and want to do a whole lot more of them. So if anybody, ANYWHERE, has an album they would like me to review, shoot me an email or leave a comment anywhere on this blog and I will get right on it! I promise you this.

Also, I would like to take a second and talk about comics. Comics that, believe it or not, I have been making. If you remember those hourly comics I made last year, I have been making more of them this month, whenever I get the chance. The last ones I did you can read here, and you can keep following my LJ to read more of them. They are a whole lot of fun to do!

Also, just to let you know: I have some new Tom Petty Comics from Steve, just sittin’ around. Those will come. They will.

So that’s it for now. The Limp Bizkit review will come in the next week or so, I promise you this. I just… I just need the willpower.


>Comic Update: Rockin Rick #1-6

>So a year ago I drew a silly one-off comic for my campus newspaper featuring a character called “Rockin’ Rick.” I liked Rockin’ Rick, so I used him in many many more comics despite all good logic. Eventually my good friend Stephen Winchell, a human being who can actually draw things that do not look horrible, decided to draw a few himself. Eventually Steve and I collaborated on a whole lot more Rockin’ Ricks, and kept the strip going twice a week for a semester.

Rockin’ Rick is special to me because it is the first comic I ever made that somebody liked. Still, a lot of other people (i.e. people that did not know and pity me) didn’t. Rockin’ Rick, in its early days, was a straight-up gag comic with one joke. If you didn’t like the joke the first time, you were not going to enjoy it repeated twenty-plus times. Daily Campus comics readers learned this the hard way.

Still, Mr. Winchell and I would like to keep Rockin’ Rick going in some way during our post-grad lives. So Steve, in all his loving generosity, decided to redraw the first six Rick strips I ever made. You will quickly notice that the art is very nice but the writing is very very wordy and clunky. That is just how I was a year and a half ago. That is how I still am. I am sorry.

Anyway, enjoy. Or hate. If you like them, maybe Steve will redraw more of them? (Note: he will anyway, no matter what you think)

>Comic Update: More Doodles

>Reviews reviews?? Yeah yeah. Expect a couple more this week.

UNTIL THEN enjoy some silly music doodles I drudged up once again.

Here’s another Mike Love:

Some Fall Out Boy:

A sequel to that Sufjan Stevens doodle from last time:

And EVERYBODY’s favorite Sgt. Pepper’s knockoffs:

Thanks to Steve Winchell for help with that last one. More to come I’m sure.