>Comic Update: Sean Rose Indie Reviews

Well that didn’t work out so well did it??

This one took me a while to format. I wasn’t happy with it for a while! But I think it turned out presentable.

But man I know I say this every update but I gotta do some things to this blog. Things change-related. Maybe a new banner? More updates?? WE’LL SEE


>Comic Update: More Doodles

>Reviews reviews?? Yeah yeah. Expect a couple more this week.

UNTIL THEN enjoy some silly music doodles I drudged up once again.

Here’s another Mike Love:

Some Fall Out Boy:

A sequel to that Sufjan Stevens doodle from last time:

And EVERYBODY’s favorite Sgt. Pepper’s knockoffs:

Thanks to Steve Winchell for help with that last one. More to come I’m sure.

>It’s Back: Tom Petty Comics #5

>Argh!! Where are those reviews?? Sean Rose has failed his own blog. What is going on.

I don’t really have an excuse for my lack of updates. Working on comics, schoolwork, and flat-out laziness have prevented me from writing some classic album writups. And those are not good excuses!! Ah well.

Either way, during my inexplicable absence, cartoonist Stephen Winchell decided to pick up my slack and create some BRAND-SPAKIN’-NEW “Tom Petty Comics”!! Yes that’s right! Remember those? Well, if you do, you will realize that we have not seen a Tom Petty Comic since early September. If you don’t, well hey, you can read them all right here! Dang!

Last time we left Mr. Petty, he had just re-enacted the crucifixion of Christ, interrupting sessions for his classic record Full Moon Fever once again and distressing collaborator and confidant Jeff Lynne. How will this tale unfold? Find out below!

Wait what? A cliffhanger?? Does that mean there will be yet ANOTHER Tom Petty Comic next week??? Guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

Until then maybe I’ll actually use this blog to post my OWN work for a change. Hah! We’ll see how that pans out.

>Weekend Doodles, Vol. 1

>So do I have a review for you this week? No. (Two reviews? DOUBLE no, you idiot!!) I have had a phenomenally shitty week in terms of schooling, and I am still in the process of getting over the same cold that everybody else on campus seems to have (from apparently sharing each other’s phlegm in some nasty way that I don’t feel like going into). So all I have been doing is doodling comics about musicians. HEYO!

You all wanna read them, right? My dumb little comics about musicians? Yes, yes you do. Because you all think that I am supremely talented.

Here’s a little Oasis:

And some of our favorite Beach Boy:

And the ALWAYS well-dressed Mr. Stevens:

Have a nice Sunday, everybody.