>A Few Words On Bob Druwing


Bob Druwing’s glorious Tim and Eric debut.

I have no idea why I find Bob Druwing so fascinating. Before the third season of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, I had never seen his face before in my entire life. Not even once. Now he is a new obsession. Of all the bizarre Z-list regulars Tim and Eric love to parade out, salt-n-pepper haired Mr. Druwing stands out to me.

I don’t know. He seems like a perfectly normal human being as opposed to a bizarre, ugly failure, which might be why he stands out in the Tim and Eric universe; compared to David Liebe Hart the failed puppeteer, James Quall the failed comedian, or Ron Austar the failed… uhh, something (children’s performer?), Bob Druwing just seems like a nice, trim, middle-aged man. With a funny mustache.

…well, OK, maybe he’s kind of a failure. If his website is any indication, he’s something of a Jack-Of-All-Trades: screen actor, voice-over actor, musician, cartoonist, you name it. And considering that the most prominent roles he’s received have been bit parts on Tim and Eric, I guess we can safely say that he hasn’t quite succeeded in any of these fields. Adding a bit to his “pathetic” tally is his bizarrely transfixing performance of a song he presumably wrote, “I Wanna Be In Love,” posted in Tim and Eric’s “DannyMothers” Youtube account to promote their first season DVD. (So I guess he’s a failed rock ‘n roller?)

But calling Mr. Druwing pathetic would not be doing him justice. And it would be pretty mean, too! From the looks of his video resume (yes, I searched for Bob Druwing on youtube), he seems to be a pretty competent actor. He also finally got a prominent role in Tim and Eric’s season 3 finale, credited as “Lindsey Porch” and singing the hilariously creepy (and oddly Jens Lekman-esque) “I Can Wait,” which has to be one of my favorite Tim and Eric songs ever. (Sing along with me now: “No, they can’t call it raaaape / if she concedes her body to meeee!”)


Where else can you get your Druwing fix? Well, he’s also in the new Tim and Eric Ben Folds video, popping in-and-out of the drum kit. And, according to his website, he just wrapped up filming for Tim and Eric’s fourth season. So thankfully, we will be seeing more of Mr. Druwing.

And yet, I still don’t know why I love Bob Druwing so. Why not Ron Stark? Or that lady that play’s Casey’s mom? Or Richard Dunn?? (Okay I do love Richard Dunn to death, but I digress.) These questions will never have answers. As long as I can hear Mr. Druwing – a seemingly normal and on-the-level type of guy – sing a song about masturbating in his car, I will be satisfied.

And you know what, “I Wanna Be In Love”‘s been stuck in my head for days. No joke.