Enya: The Memory of Trees

Hey guys,
I know you are all shocked to see me writing again so soon after my last post?? But I was reflecting on that review and realized that maybe I should talk about some music that means something to me RIGHT NOW, as opposed to my college (or high school??) days.
I’m up to my neck in a bubble bath right now (thank you BATH & BODY WORKS for inventing “Warm Vanilla Sugar” bath foam??), reading Hunger Games, and I have to admit: this experience can only be perfected by Enya’s “The Memory of Trees.”
I know what you guys are thinking: “Sean, how can you say that when, given the choice, you could listen to her virtuosic album “The Celts”??
Here’s the thing. Yes, “The Celts” is a pivotal crossover album that packs a one-two punch: being a gripping History Channel soundtrack while never losing the dulcet, silvery attraction of the synthesized Irish songstress– but it ain’t got The Memory of Trees’ track 5.
Enya’s breathy, eerie voice is iconic and unique, but so ubiquitous in her compositions that to hear a piece without it makes the musical “real estate” of that track a little more stand-out, shall we say??
It’s just piano. And buuuhhhAAAAA is it ever gorgeous?? Also, its perfect to meditate to when put on repeat.


Back to my book and my bath.


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