>Comic Update: The Return of Kelsey Grammer

>A year ago I decided to thrust myself upon UConn’s Daily Campus comics page with Kelsey Grammer, a poorly drawn, awkwardly overwritten gag comic featuring a bunch of talking emoticons. I got sick of writing it after one semester, and after a summer of mulling about I decided that I needed to make a less shitty, more narcissistic comic – hence, Based on a True Sean Rose was born and I never looked back.


I don’t know why I got the urge to make a few more Kelsey Grammer comics. Boredom, I guess, was the main reason. And then there was Stephen Winchell, KG‘s lone hardcore fan, who begged me to make more at any given opportunity. Either way, they are here.

If you are curious, you can read all the old Kelsey Grammers in this handy-dandy Facebook album. They are kind of embarrassing for me to read right now, because they pretty much chronicle the painstaking process of me learning how to draw. And as such, they also show how little I have learned in a year!! Damn.


3 thoughts on “>Comic Update: The Return of Kelsey Grammer

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