>Chapter 1: The Sun Rises…

>You’ll have to forgive me… my “R” key doesn’t work very well, so I might screw up some important wods in fustation. eally, I’m eally soy.

(Alright, lame joke. But seriously, I need to get my R key fixed.)

Let’s get this straight: I have a LiveJournal. I use it to let my friends back home know how I’m doing here at the University of Connecticut, for the most part. I never write much of anything that could possibly be considered interesting or thoughtful, just personal ramblings. It’s a wonderful waste of time.

But now I’ve got a “blog”. And as such, I need to articulate on my opinions of things. Ohboy. I don’t know if I’m gonna be good at this!!

So my name is Sean, Sean Rose. People like to call me “Seanrose” as one word, which is starting to get to me a little bit. I’ve been thinking of legally changing my first name to “Seanrose” to get things straight. The only problem is that I need a last name to accommodate that. “Seanrose Excelsior” sounds pretty cool. Anybody have any ideas? Sure you don’t.

Anyway. I am a writer, first and foremost (I guess). I like to write; it keeps me at peace with myself. That sounds gay (as all the cool kids say) but it’s true.

I also really like films, rock music laced with some rap as well, and acting. I’m more comfortable being onstage than being offstage. Being offstage is a frightening ordeal unless I’m in my room satisfying myself. (I’ll let you interpret that in any way you wish.)

But my real passion… and you’re going to laugh at this, but my real passion is video games. Seriously. Nothing can make me feel better than a good – no, great – video game. Mario, Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda… that stuff pierces my bitter heart and makes me want to cry with joy. Just warning you.

I feel like I need to express my opinions, because I do have a lot of them that I really don’t talk about much. They mostly involve music I love/can’t stand, films I love/can’t stand, video games I just love, and the state of my generation. The last one I’m really going to have to think about.

So yes… I’m sure I’ll post something meaningful in this thing soon. Just to mention it, I was just listening to “A Long Day” by the Polyphonic Spree. It’s 36 minutes long and fucking weird. I thought it was going to be uplifting like all their other stuff… I guess not?? Oh well. Primal Scream can heal me. Kind of.

Peace for now, ladies.

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